We are reinventing Google Alerts

with a simple application that combines web and social monitoring

Mention makes it affordable for all prosumers and SMB's (the Fortune 5,000,000) to be notified, in real-time, of any mentions of a name, a brand, or a competitor on the web and social web.

A unique competitive position

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There are plenty of tools to listen to, monitor and analyze social networks. There are also a few low quality, non-customizable tools that provide unfiltered and unorganized data found on the web. mention combines both of them to deliver filtered, organized and prioritized information in a simple and ergonomic application.

web and social
small biz
medium companies


Million of sources on the web and social web (News, Blogs, Forums, Videos, Images, Web, Twitter, Facebook) in 42 languages.

In Real-Time

Your alerts are updated in real-time (from 1 to 60 min depending on the source) and new mentions are notified via push (notification & email).

On all devices

mention is available on 8 platforms and almost every device: Web app, Chrome app, desktop app (Mac, PC, Linux), iPad comp. version, iPhone and Android app.

React on the go

Connect any Facebook and Twitter account and reply, retweet, and share a positive mention or comment on a blog post without leaving the application.


Share your alerts with your team or partners and assign tasks to your colleagues. Get a snapshot of what's been done with an alert in a single activity feed.


Get statistics on your alerts, generate PDF reports and export data to rework them your own way.

The Underlying Magic

Mention filters and organizes data


Easy portability thanks to the API. Potentially any app can communicate with the system.


All communications are routed through a Rest API towards the apps. This API is publicly available for developers.


All data are stored and archived in our database. This allows us to analyze all mentions and surface the most important ones with an algorithm based on Klout score and Alexa rank in particular.

Anti-noise filter

Our in-house anti-noise filter is a dynamic technology based on machine learning filters that learns from user behavior to detect unwanted mentions (homonyms and spams).


We've developed an in-house crawling technology that allows to easily and quickly plug any new specialized source of information (in less than a day) without limits.

Web & social web

We monitor the Web (News, Blogs, Forums, Videos, Images, Web) and Social Web (Twitter, Facebook) in 42 languages.

Costs Revenues

A simple business model

mention is operated with a freemium business model in order to increase the number of signups, generate habit, and provide a costless opportunity to convert free users into paying customers. This business model is scalable because of the capped cost of data.

  • Free Plan Free per month
  • 3 alerts
  • 500 mentions by month
  • 1 month history
  • Pro Plan $19,99 per month
  • Unlimited alerts
  • 50,000 mentions by month
  • Unlimited history
  • Get access to your statistics
  • Data export tools
  • Team Plan From $99 per month
  • Unlimited alerts
  • 50,000 mentions by month
  • Unlimited history
  • Get access to your statistics
  • Data export tools
  • Multi users (5, 10 or 15) activation (pay multi-users with the same account)

A unique combination of experience, expertise and business skills

Along with a fully dedicated executive team, mention highly benefits from the support and expertise of e-Founders.

Edouard de la Jonquière

CEO and Cofounder - 30 y. old

Business and Philosophy degree. 4 years as a Management Consultant within Capgemini Consulting

Arnaud Le Blanc

CTO and Cofounder - 27 y. old

Lead developer

Thibaud Elzière

Cofounder - 33 y. old

Engineer degree. Founder of Fotolia.com ($500M valuation). Cofounder of eFounders

Didier Forest

Creative Director and Cofounder - 24 y. old

Creative Director & Product Visionary

Quentin Nickmans

Cofounder and Investor - 35 y. old

Former BCG consultant. Cofounder of eFounders

Guillaume Sempé

iOS developer - 33 y. old

Embedded systems engineer. Visiting professor at Toulouse Engineering School

Guillaume Delente

Android developer - 23 y. old

Computer science master degree

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A strategy snapshot

Non-stop communication on social networks to increase virality

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